148History of the Forum

The Forum was set up in the year 2000 to establish and maintain a cohesive link between  all the Hindu Community organisations in Bolton. Bolton has the highest population of Hindu’s in the north of England. The Forum is an umbrella body which effectively engages with the view to identify, develop and promote common interests in all aspects of social, religious, health, economical and political spheres. It strives to identify and address the issues and needs to responsibly represent and serve in the best way possible the interest of  the community at large and integrate the wider community.



Aims and Objectives


  1. To act as a platform for all of the Hindu places of worship, samaj’s, community groups, and Hindu individuals within Bolton to work together in supporting the needs of the Hindu community.
  2. The advancement of Hindu Dharma, and the promotion of Hindu unity through education, events, and any other appropriate methods.
  3. To be the umbrella body of the Bolton Hindu community, which promotes and represents their interests to partners, clients, stakeholders, statutory bodies, and any other body that may require it.
  4. To educate the general public about Hindu Dharma through the organisation of events and other means which are appropriate.
  5. To engage with member organisations of BHF to identify and address the issues and needs of the community.
  6. Responsibly represent and serve in the best interest of the Hindu community at all levels.
  7. To identify opportunities where the Hindu Community can engage with other organisations to advance their social, cultural and economic life, and encourage the Hindu Community to participate in these activities.
  8. To provide a platform for the Hindu community to engage in any activities which promote community cohesion.
  9. To maintain existing working relationships and develop stronger working partnerships within the public and statutory sector, and with other faith communities in Bolton.